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Hi Tobias,

Thanks for your feedback. The top ideas with status Quality Backlog are discussed on a regular basis with the design team. These should be minor development, and could include hygiene factors, little things that create a wow effect and ideas that could have a positive effect on a lot of users.

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We are currently developing for Unicode support and hope to release this sometime after the summer. This means that wrinting in Polish, Russian, Chinese etc will be supported properly in Projectplace.

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It seems to work in some aspects. Like opening and editing a document. However, I still can't drag-and-drop chinese filenames to projectplace. What do I need to do to correct this?

I get an error message that either the file is open (it's not), or it contains unsupported characters, and you say that you have unicode support throughout the system now.


Hi Tobias,

Well spotted. The web service fully supports unicode but you need a new version of the Projectplace Plug-in that includes unicode support in order to use drag and drop.

This version has been developed but is still in testing. If you like, I can send a test version to you as we appreciate your feedback.

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Jag vill gärna ha testversionen!


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It still does not work for the "Share" functions. Neither for the Email function or for the Compress and Download function.

The latter is probably because of the choice of the ZIP format. There is a lot of ZIP software out there which does not properly support Chinese filenames. Software for the RAR format generally supports Chinese filenames better.

I would suggest finding a better ZIP library for the webserver or make an additional option: Compress with RAR and download.

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