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Hi Erik,

Thanks for your feedback. I will try to answer each issue in turn

1. The comments made to a document will be found as a number icon next to the document in the Document tab.
2. What kind of improvements would you like to see in a new version of the app?
3. The iPad app is currently in Alpha testing internally (and for a small number of interested users). It's focus is currently document management online and offline viewing. Estimated release late this year.
4. What kind of integration would you like? Not all our users are on outlook. The idea is that you would keep your project calendar on Projectplace and then ppl can import the meetings to a local calendar.

We are in the middle of some major changes in Projectplace and hope that in q2 of next year we can release the next step of collaborative planning that supports our vision for social project management.

Best regards,

DIMELO - innovation management specialist