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Hi Jakob,

Thanks for your feedback. I have tested and tested, but I can not get the same experience from the powertab as you describe. I can log in while having no internet access. After access has been restored, I can access Projectplace without having to restart the powertab. I sometimes get an authorisation window again after internet access has been restored though.

What set up do you have? I'm working from home at the moment on a wireless connected to a single router/firewall. I have Windows 7 and IE8.

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I run win7 pro, en.
When acessimg dhortcuts from the PowerTab when no internet connection is available, the shortcut menu is empty/white.
Then i back to the main menu and estblish internt connection (3G, guest wifi, home lan) and then try again, but the shortcuts are still empty.
If I restart PowerTab I get the shortcuts as expected.

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