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Hi David,

Wow, lots of feedback, I love it!

1. I'm not sure I fully understand your first question, The copy link in Firefox is currently being fixed and we hope that it will be ready for release in December. Where would you like the link to be active and it's not?

2. This is a quality issue and if it gets a lot of votes we will take it up in the quality backlog. In the meantime you can copy a link to the document from Documents to Conversations.You can read more about how we work with quality issues in my blog

3. You can copy a file between Documents and Issues. Just mark the document and select "Copy" from the toolbar. Then go into the Document tab for the Issue and paste the document there.

4. Again this is something that could be prioritised in the quality backlog if it gets enough votes.

5. You can get a list of all the documents in your project by doing a "search for documents" and leaving the search field blank.

Best regards,

Thanks for the feedback.
In summary I think it would be helpful if it's possible to link document/issues/tasks in the discussion of the project overview (for documents is possible with copy paste). This alows an easy introduction of current project issues.

Hello, I would like to pick up on the last item of this list:
"The document folder does not show the documents created for a meeting or from some other sources (e.g. issues). Why not?"

I find it very confusing that documents created in meetings are not directly accessible from the "documents" tab.

Would it be possible to have a couple of "default" folders in the "Documents" named after the respective areas where documents can be stored i.e. "Meetings", "Issues". The Meeting fodlers should be named: "YYYY-MM-DD name of meeting", Issues should be named by their numbers "xxxx name of issues"

So for any meetings and issues, the documents can be either accesed though the "Documents" tab or through the meeting or issue itself.

If it has not been investigated yet, I think this is worth a new idea in the list...

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