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Hi Sybrand,

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Hi Sybrand

My name is Carl-Johan Färnström and I work in Sales at Projectplace.

I have some input for you. It's truly a work-around, but i might help you a little bit.

Some of our customers use issues as a basic CRM. They do like this:
Go to “Settings” in Issues
• Create Issue Types for each customer
• Change the priorities to “Identified”, “Pre-Proposal”, “Proposal”, etc

Then they can create issues for different customers. If it’s considered a “Lead” they’ll put it under “Investigation” and if it’s considered an “Opportunity” they’ll put it under “Implementation”.

In the Issue they can:
• Attach documents (quotes and agreements)
• Keep a track record of calls and meetings in “Issue Description”
• Prioritize the lead or opportunity
• Set Due Dates that will show up in Project Overview
• Use “Work Effort” as a measurement for deal value, i.e. if the deal is worth 100 000 SEK, they’ll put 100 000 as work effort.

In “View All Issues”, you will be able to get a good overview over all your leads and opportunities.

I work at FlexLink in Sweden doing Business Development within Project Management. I have used Projectplace in project execution phases since 2007.
Let's say you are mainly working with projects including Sales, Application/Design, Project execution, After Sales. As the early activities has such a big impact on the total project result (the "hockey stick") it would be beneficial to have all parts of the organization collaborating in the same environment. Today it's most common that Sales is the only part of the organization using CRM, and for license cost reasons other parts are excluded. Also, Sales people often does not recognize themselves as part of a project. If they use the same tool as the rest of the project organization collaboration comes more or less by itself.
I don't agree to the suggestion by Carl-Johan, as the Sales people would not be satisfied with such a simple solution. Sales people wouldn't like to work with "Issues" on a daily basis. Instead I would suggest an, optional, integrated full CRM tool in Projectplace, which fulfill all the needs of the Sales people. As many Sales people are on the move, a cloud application is ideal.
See also for inspiration.

DIMELO - innovation management specialist