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Hi Ray,
Thanks for your feedback. We have two different tyes of lock in Projectplace.

The first one is a temporary lock, which is primarily meant for locking something that you might want to change again in the future. This is used in the plug-in for instance, to lock a document while you're editing. You can lock a document using this from the menu and then unlock it later. Administrators and the person who locked the document can unlock it. This lock is grey in the interface.

Then we also have a permanent lock. It is yellow and is really a signing function by which a number of people can for example approve a certain version of a document or a contract. This is also the one that is used in the review process if you choose "Sign document when all have answered". This lock is irrevocable. You have to ake a copy of the signed document to create a new version.

I hope this clarifies the issue for you.

Best regards,

DIMELO - social media platform editor