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Hi Mats,

Thanks for your feedback. I can see where you're coming from here. An action from a meeting is not quite the same as an issue in an issue management system.

Is there an easy solution for this? Maybe have a category in the tool Issues for Meeting Action? Here's a film on how to create own categories in Issues.

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No that will not work for us. And the reason for that is that we often run Programs - which consists of several projects. In order to separate issues created in different projects we use the Issue category.

There is also one other aspect of this that I've sent in another idea about.

Within a project you have different type of meetings, in order to followup issues - not only the last meeting, but a series of meetings, you need to categorize meetings. That is not possible, so we need to categorize issues. And in order to do that, we need to use the Issue Category.

So, using Issue Category for saying it's an action item, within one project and type of meeting is a little bit tricky.

Ok Mats,

I understand why my suggestion might not be an optimal solution for you;) I'll leave the idea here for people to read, vote and comment on. We go through relevant ideas when we redesign parts of the Projectplace system.

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DIMELO - innovation management specialist