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Peter Strömberg
Peter Strömberg

Peter Strömberg


Wonderful feedback!

We're readying a "Labs Edition" version of the app for AppStore. There's no solution for viewing the assignments yet, though. I think it will be something for the development team to consider when they update the "official" version of the app.

Wish we could show .plan files too. What I do is that I save them as PDF and upload that one. Maybe that's something that should be automatically handled by our system... The document viewing is completely piggy backing on what Apple has prepared the iPhone for.

Please stay tuned. I'll let you know in this thread when the Labs Edition hits AppStore. We'll be dying for feedback on the experimental features.

A new version of the iPhone app is available for download from the app store. It's still free and we would love some more feedback!

You can read a bit more about the new version in my blog The focus for this updated version is very much on the social aspects and notifications.

So tell us what you think!

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