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Per Wallin
Per Wallin

Per Wallin


Här är några bra tips vad gäller läsbarhet:
per Wallin

Additionally the semi-transparent background of some frames lower the contrast and with it the readability.

Please remind your designers that usability is more important than the design.

The whole idea behind the grayscaled layout, and the white and colored content and functions, is to make primary and/or frequently changing information more visible than the less important/used one.

Regarding the Project menu it has undergone extensive testing (and improvements) during our Beta program. What you see now is actually a lower contrast version as a result of feedback from our users. Still, the contrast ratio ( ) between background and text, as suggested by WCAG 2.0, passes at Level AAA.

My firm belief is that usability and design go hand in hand. And visual design should never be at the expense of good usability. When designing a digital interface there is however always the delicate matter of of creating something that as many as possible find usable and attracting. Because there is no such thing as pleasing everybody.


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