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Hi Monica,

Thanks for your feedback. I believe someone from us is going to come over and look at this in your office so that we can get a better understanding of the problem?

We have done user studies (about 600 ppl answered the survey) and the colour scheme was not indicated as a problem area.

Out of curiosity. How do you find the colour scheme here on Projectplace Ideas? Is this hard on your eyes aswell?

Best regards,




No not in this area. But there is a big difference here because the white area is larger than in Projectplace.

When it is to much black and grey areas combined with white letters, then it gets to blurry for me.

In spite of all your user studies, this is something new for you I beleive. Next week I will explain everthing to your visitors here in the office.

Have a nice weekend

DIMELO - innovation management specialist