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Hi Mats,

Thanks for your feedback. There's a fairly highly rated idea for support of dependencies in Projectplace Planer. Cast your vote there to boost it, we're writing a business case for that at the moment.

As for import, no formats are supported for import at the moment. Would you use both MS Project and Projectplace Planner or do you have plans that are already set up in Microsoft Project that you would prefer to use Planner for?

Best regards,

Since I wrote that comment I've actually tried it out a little bit more. And I can see that it could replace Excel and/or Powerpoint as a way of doing high level overviews.

Of course it's lightyears from replacing MS Projects - and IMHO it should not.

However a way of easily import MS projects and/or Excel files would be great. The dependencies could be good to have - as an information.

The Gantt chart Google Docs gadget do that pretty neat - checkout an example at

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