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Hi Per,

Thanks for your feedback. A possibility to customise the way the power tab displays on the screen seems to be something quite a few users would like. Please take a look at the other ideas about this in the Powertab category, perhaps you'll find something else to vote/comment on.

Best regards and thanks for valuable feedback,

We are looking into ways of customising the PowerTab. A first step could be to have the possibility to send the tab to the back of the screen so it wouldn't be on top of all the windows. Thoughts?

Jari Valoranta
Jari Valoranta

Jari Valoranta



There seems to be a possibility to close the tab in Windows task manager. Go to the processes, press p-key to find pppowertab.exe and close it. This is surely not the right way to do it, but if there is no other way, then it works at least for me.

Br, jARI

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