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Hi Bengt,

Thanks for your feedback. I agree that the gantt-chart could be more attractive in Safari. Try clicking the "schedule" button in the toolbar to get a more attractive view of your gantt-chart.

Best regards,

It is not only unattractive, it is totally useless because it is impossible to work when the tasks and the description of the tasks are not on the same line.
Using “schedule” is also total useless for working because that is only a “dead” picture and not interactive and cannot even sort the tasks in finished and not finished.
This is really not good enough!! Do something!! ☺

Ouch :) Yes Sir!

No, honestly we know that this part of the system is due for an overhaul. However, we can not say anything about when and how this will be done.

Have you checked out the new Projectplace Planner? Maybe that's something you could use...

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