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The top ideas with status Quality Backlog are discussed on a regular basis with the design team. These should be minor development, and could include hygiene factors, little things that create a wow effect and ideas that could have a positive effect on a lot of users.

This is a good idea that fits well into our product strategy. We could start working on this is the next year if the current priorities do not change. Keep voting and commenting to make sure this is kept active.

Please make this happen soon! There are tons of ideas here that is about the terrible search feature. Yet years go by without any progress what so ever regarding the searching of documents. Isn't document management a big part of Projectplace?

We are currently in the process of rolling out an implemented version of search. This will not only search for documents but also cards, boards, activities and other things and across all the projects that you are part of.

DIMELO - innovation management specialist