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Hi Christian,

Thanks for your feedback and for helping us with the testing. I understand this need for you and our other beta testers who have been invited to a project with a lot of members who are not strictly related to your work in Projectplace.

You can add favourites of colleagues in "My Preferences" who will then turn up at the top of the list in "My Overview".

Best regards,

Most of the people in my project are too shy to place their photogaphs in Projectplace, the result is a large number of grey heads on the Overview page which is a complete waste of space. My suggestion is that the whole photo section is on some sort of pop-up i.e. it only appears if I want it/need it to. This would allow for more space to be used for the events section and the project overview words, which I also like to use a way of broadcasting to anyone who logs onto my project.


Thank you for your suggestion, which I have just done.


Edward Kirkby | MCIArb


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