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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your feedback. An interesting idea. I wonder if this is something that a lot of meeting initiators have problems with? Is there anything we can change in the mail itself to make it easier for participants to answer?

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First of all it's always gonna be people that's afraid of everything new, and the meeting request from Projectplace is a new thing for most users. All this people frankly won't click on the link, they just reply tha mail with the possible dates...

For those people who wanna use the function but perhaps doesn't understand how, you should redesign the mail by letting the description go first, then all the times WITH checkboxes for each and everyone, and then the link that says "Send your choices", then the rest ("From", "Location" and more...). When they've check all the possible times and sent it all in to the project they get an "thank-you-page"!

By this design users understand the intention and can make their answers directly!


DIMELO - innovation management specialist