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Hi Mark,

Thanks for your feedback. This must be very frustrating. Unfortunately, it's hard for me to pinpoint exactly what might be the problem from your post.

Is this a specific document your having problems with or all documents in your project?

Which web browser and operating system do you use?

Can you attach a screen shot of the error message you get?

How do you try to open the document? Do you just click on it and open or do you use the menu? If you have tried one way, please try the other.

Have you previously been able to open documents from Projectplace? From other websites?

Do you have any colleagues that work with Projectplace? Are they able to open this or any other documents in the project?

Usually, problems with opening documents are caused either by settings in the web browser or on your computer/network. It might be easier for you to contact our support directly at, or you can of course answer here.

Best regards,

DIMELO - SocialCRM software editor