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Thanks for your feedback Bob! In the settings for Issues you can in the third tab “Workflow” decide whether you want, or not want to automatically move issues with the status “Completed” or “Verified” to the workflow step “Closed”. Would this help you?

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Åsa Rudberg




This could help me however, if you also would like to report on actual status of issues you would also want to see the number of issues and the state that they are in to identify bottlenecks.

As a test / project manager I would like to see the number of issues pending in "retest" or investigation etc etc. in order for me to see if my resource allocation needs attention.

So for that this extra status would be beneficial.

I understand your problem. Since it’s much easier for us to prioritise one idea with a lot of votes and comments, I recommend you to tell your friends and colleagues to vote on your idea.

Good luck with the ranking of your idea and don't forget to look through and vote/comment on other ideas that you like :)

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