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Emptying your cache and cookies ensures us that you (most likely) get all required files and actually end up seeing what you are supposed to see. We've tried different settings for this and come to the conclusion that this, in most cases, is the minimum required.

For cookies, it might work without them being deleted (depending on your settings). For temporary files/cache, since we are actually fetching identical file names on the server (as in the current visual interface), not deleting them will without exception have you end up with a mix-up of new and old.

When evaluating the new Visual Interface it is of extreme importance that all users actually see what we think they're seeing. This is why we have these "radical" instructions.

New release candidate of the visual interface will be out very soon. All of you who have tested the new interface beta will automatically get the updated release candidate. Thanks for helping us with the testing and don't forget to give feedback, comment and vote.

All the best,

DIMELO - SocialCRM software editor