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Ray Smith
Ray Smith

Ray Smith


Hi, there is also another issue with the power tab that I only discovered when doing a dual screen presentation.

Set up your Laptop in Dual Screen with extended desktop. Place the secondary screen on top of the other one (in Display Properties).

You will now notice that the main part of the Power Tab is visible on the secondary display! Basically all PowerTab does when you click on it is to move it down. Far better to hide the rest of the tab when you click it....if this makes sense?

The top ideas with status Quality Backlog are discussed on a regular basis with the design team. These should be minor development, and could include hygiene factors, little things that create a wow effect and ideas that could have a positive effect on a lot of users.

We are looking into ways of customising the PowerTab. A first step could be to have the possibility to send the tab to the back of the screen so it wouldn't be on top of all the windows. Thoughts?

I have just installed the PowerTab-plugin. It works just fine and the idea behind it is great. But as many of you it only took me a couple of minutes to close it again since there was no way to turn the always-on-top option off.
Make that as an option and also the possibility to place the PowerTab wherever I want and you'll be home safe.


We have discussed implementing an option to send the powertab to the back of the screen (underneath any open window) instead of always on top. Would this make it better for you?

We will probably include an option to send the PowerTab to the back of the screen in the next version of the PowerTab. We are also checking how difficult it might be to be able to move it to some other part of the screen than the top.

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