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Hi André,

Thnak you for giving us your feedback! I would recommend that you take a look at the possibility of creating templates for your projects. You can do this under the Templates tab in Project Office

Read more here:

You can create Templates based on your ongoing projects to reuse document structures and group permission for example.

Hi Karolina, hi Andre,

I heavily accord to the request from Andre! I like PP a lot, but import/export capabilites are generally weak. I understand the concept of PP to be a collaboration platform, but for such functionality it would be good to provide more sophisticated import/export. As of today I can only import task information through MS Project and this process is very cumbersome. On the other side taskboarding is often done offline and captured using Excel (still one of the most popular planning tools). I would just love to be able to bulk upload Excel data to PP. It would even just help to do this initially to speed-up task creation. I'm not asking for a full-blown import/export capabilty but some more capabiliy can help a lot.
I'm not so familiar with using templates as you suggest, but don't think this method would satisfy the request.

Thanks for considering this.

Cheers, Thomas.
from Munich.

I would agree what Thomas is saying. Project tasks sometime vary a lot, which is very time consuming to update in pp. Using Excel is much faster asuming an import of the changes can follow. Please have a look at TargetProcess which provides much better import/export functionality.

Erik Näslund
Erik Näslund

Erik Näslund


I agree! Please make it possible to export issues to Excel! /Erik

The top ideas with status Quality Backlog are discussed on a regular basis with the design team. These should be minor development, and could include hygiene factors, little things that create a wow effect and ideas that could have a positive effect on a lot of users.

There are many exciting ways to think about export and import information from Projectplace. We are not working with this right now, but it could be of interest for future development.

Best regards,

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