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Hi Jan,

Just for clarification, we support Internet Explorer 6 sp2 and later and Internet Explorer 7. We also support Firefox 2 and 3.

What this means is that we test and fix problems for Projectplace in these browsers. We do not test in Opera, Safari, and we don't support beta versions such as Internet Explorer 8 so I can't tell you what functionality might work for Opera, but you are welcome to try.

For more and updated information about technical requirements please look at our website


As I said Projectplace does not work at all because internally Projectplace only distinguishes between "browser is IE" and "browser is not IE --> must be Firefox".
Both "versions" of projectplace use specific browser features/quirks (project place plugin installer for example) that only exist in IE resp. Firefox and therefore other browsers have more or less problems. In Opera for example you only get a white page after logon because of that problem.
From my point of view a common state-of-the-art web application should work at least 50-80% in any current browser. Currently projectplace does reach on that scale from my point of view max 20%.




We are trying out the 30-day trial and it turns out that IE8 will not even show the screen for registering as a new user (page is empty, except for projectplace logo).

I use Firefox and that works just fine, but a lot of people in our organization are not internet savvy at all and have no idea that others browsers even exist (or even what a browser is :-/) and probably have no way to install other browsers for themselves.

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for your feedback. Projectplace should work fine in IE8, please contact support to see if we can find out why you're having problems. I'll post a film on how it looks on my machine (IE8 & Vista) as soon as possible.

Best regards,

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