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Luc Vrielinck
Luc Vrielinck

Luc Vrielinck


This seems a very useful suggestion . I am keeping clinical data on projectplace, however from medicolegal standpoint it is necessary tot have on aff-line copy of the data. Now I do it manually, but a scripted method would be very useful !!!

I like this idea very much, too. I am travelling a lot and need off-line access to my project documents. At current I manually download them once a week and then have to extract them. Certainly something you can do by the way, but you always have to remember. An automated job that can be scheduled would be quite a relief.

I really think this would be usefull, especially if it is possible to get the comment of the download version as well. This would create the possibility to make a (VBA) script to integrate the version information in an excel sheet. This would definitely improve the auditability of financial spreadsheets.

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