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Hi Joakim!

Thanks for all your ideas! I fully understand that working with a geographically distributed team makes time zones an important issue. I just wanted to take the opportunity to explain how it works at the moment in Projectplace.

When you log in via our web site we take the time zone from your operating system and uses that throughout the system. So if one of your colleagues has edited a document at noon GMT and you are on GMT +2 it will say in your system that it was changed at 14.00. The meeting requests work the same way...each person should get the requests in their own local time.

The online meeting provided via netviewer in Projectplace does not include scheduling.

Radek Bartes
Radek Bartes

Radek Bartes


Hello All.
I would support an idea to have an option say not taking time (zone) from computer set-up - I will set-up manually. Default would be take the time zone from computer. So we would keep actual function.
But if we decide to have specific time zone then we would allow e.g. GMT+1.
Please consider following approaches further:

  • project would have attribute time zone
  • project member or contact would have the same attribute with possible own value
  • when we organize meetings the time of all participants would be presented based on the time zone together with project time. We may also consider to have time zone of meeting as well.
  • when we define a task time then it would be in project time zone
  • then there is a need to consider Daylight Saving Time attribute but this point I would let up to PP analyst to precise this technique matter.



There is development work being done on this at the moment. With the new calendar which is scheduled for release on the 8th of March we will get better support for time zones when working with meetings. The idea that you should be able to override you computer time setting with a user setting in Projectplace has been discussed but that is not planned right now.

@Kleber It should be the local time on your computer, not the time of the proxy.

Best regards,

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