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exactly what I am looking for. Our customers usually use the webfrontend to create a new issue in the inbox. The issue reamins in the inbox until someone from our team is picking up the issue and changing status/assignment etc.
I would expect that as soon as a new issue has been created a notification will be sent out to a certain email adress (e.g. project-support team distribution list).




This is also exactly what I am looking for. That way we can update our project in project place with a distribution list instead of periodically asking the customer to change the list of people to inform about new issues.
This is especially important when using project place as a central log and to handle issues regarding to service level agreements with a customer.
I hope you can implement the feature in the near future.


The top ideas with status Quality Backlog are discussed on a regular basis with the design team. These should be minor development, and could include hygiene factors, little things that create a wow effect and ideas that could have a positive effect on a lot of users.

This is in development now. The design proposal is that initially the administrators for the project will get notification about new issues. The administrators can afterwards go in and change the setting so that anyone or noone in the project will receive notifications.

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