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Gary Rodwell
Gary Rodwell

Gary Rodwell


I agree Andy. In a simple, but large, project structure we had 98 folders each with 7 sub folders. All 7 required different access rights which, at the moment, has to be done individually.

The quickest way I found to do this was to set the rights for the first subfolder as the rights of the top level, then go into each first subfolder and untick the 'inherit rights from parent' button. When all 98 were done I then changed to top level to the second subfolder's access rights and repeated the process. This took 2 days and a school-like register to keep track of where I was!

The simplest solution would be a tick box on the copy/paste setup to maintain/inherit access rights as all these folders were created by copying so setting the correct access rights at the beginning and not automatically inheriting would have saved no end of time.

As to the best way to mass modify access rights your idea could be the way to go.

Hi all,

We are doing a pre-study for a better overview and a better way to set access rights in Projectplace. No new functionality is included in the scope of the project but we want to make the existing functionality easier to use. If you want to help, we would be grateful to know in which situations you are when you find the current solution frustrating. What do you think could improve it?


Altough we will not change the way Access Rights are set or function in Projectplace, we want to make it easier to check that what you set up is actually correct. You can read about the Access Rights report and other improvements that will be released tonight in my blog on

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