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Dear Pim,

I absolutely agree! As an organisation using PRINCE2 methodologies, we maintain Risk Logs offline in Excel, and have to share / consolidate them as we run through a bid and project.

I have tied to use PP's Issues tool, but it's clumsy.

The fields we use in-house, and which we'd like to see in a PP Risk management tool are:

  • Reference Number
  • Date Raised
  • Raised by (name)
  • Subject (brief)
  • Detail of Risk
  • Likelihood of Risk Occurring (rate 1 to 5)
  • Impact if Risk Occurs (rate 1 to 5)
  • Proposed Mitigation
  • Current Status (e.g. New / Under Review / Mitigated / Cleared / Cancelled)
  • Reviewed by (name)
  • Review Date
  • Comments

It would be very valuable to have version control / an audit trail as well.

Cheers, Paul

DIMELO - SocialCRM software editor