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Yes, I noticed this too. It is very tricky, because if people make changes in cards (without a comment) and the owners/followers/assignee do not get this information, then the overview is lost quickly.

This seems to be a Bug because the Customer Success Center states the following

Following a card allows you to get a Projectplace (or in-service) notification when the card is updated and you will be notified when:

the card is moved to another column
the assignee changes or is removed
the card is moved to another board
the card is associated to another activity
the card is marked or unmarked as blocked
the card's due date is today
a comment is added to the card
the card is deleted

Please advise to the Community if Developers have escalated priority of fixing this Bug?

Would it be an idea to be able to choose which changes that is relevant to be noticed about when one is following a card? One option would be to have a general setting for following cards per user, another per card. If all changes should be noticed it could be a whole lot of noise?

Thank you, Leila, for informing. Indeed, we strongly believe that the "producer" of the card and the "owner" should get a note on changes, especially on changed deadlines, status or deletion. Followers may select what they wish to follow when deciding to follow the card.

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