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Hi Richard!
Thanks for your feedback! The way our access rights work in general in a workspace is that you either have "read and write", "read" or "no access" and there has not been any discussions about introducing more that those at the moment. There has been discussions around read access for Boards which would then restrict groups to only view the content and not move cards. However right now this is not something that we have been able to prioritize on the roadmap.
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I've seen people move cards between states and move my cards to complete when I'm still working on them. This lack of control will make me reluctant to put key activities on cards and boards, which defeats the object of Projectplace. Only administrators and owners of cards should move their state.

Precisely, and more so where there are dependencies attached to the card, any premature movement of such card will trigger a message at the wrong time and could have a ripple effect over the project. It then becomes an issue try and return the card to its original position

Jason King
Business Analyst

Well, I am also sure there would also be cases of other users saying that limiting who can move cards also can cause frustration. To me it is a matter of setting clear rules of how you together as a team work on the board and stay with that agreement. In my team we always communicate on daily basis and our agreement is that you only move cards assigned to others if they if they have communicated that while we have our daily stand or added a comment on the card. In the history of a card you can always find who has moved the card to which status.
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There should be no reason for other than the board owner or the card assignee to move a card.

Any other movement should require the assignee to first be changed by the board owner or an administrator.

DIMELO - social media platform editor