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Exactly - I need the same tools. I have also requested that I could Work with all data in PowerBI. Not the ones I have as project manager, but ALL Projects. It is extremely difficult to get an overview as it is now.

Thanks for sharing your feedback! I am not sure what you mean by 1? If you go to Account administration you can select Workspaces and there you can see all the workspace that exists. What is it that you feel that you need to overwrite?
2. Also with your second point I feel a bit unsure to what you exactly mean. If you again go to Workspaces in Account administration, then go to Workspaces you can select any workspace. Then when the workspace pop-up opens you select the tab Members. Look forward to hear from you. Meanwhile I have also pasted a link to our help page around this.
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I can only answer for myself. I need acces to all workspaces in Microsoft BI or in some other way. It is not enough to see what you can see in the Account administration. I need access to ALL data.

All kinds of data!

How many Projects.
How many Projects in each department.
How many Cards for a person
How long does the Projects last
Cards overdue
Is there any Risk?
In which fase are the Project? Not started, started, done
I can go on, but everything that is essential for a PMO.

Thanks for your feedback! We are right now working with PowerBI right now but not sure if all your cases are covered. I will follow this up and get back to you.
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