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Hi Lisbeth!
Thanks for sharing your feedback! I think when it comes to time intervals, our thoughts is that on a card you have it connected to an activity in the plan and that is where you have set the time interval of when the card can be executed. So I would be very interested in hearing more about how you work with your team as it will give some more insights to the different needs our customers have.
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Team members do not always look at the plan. They look at their individual tasks on their personal overview which is a combination of all their tasks in all the projects. That means, that the project manager is the "only one" who look at the plan except for when you have a status meeting.

If my team members only see a due date they will not always be able to plan their time to have the work done by that due date.

The cards are connected to activities but:
As the cards are the team members main focus
And the plan are the project managers main focus
Then.. team members are only able to see a due date and need a "work on periode" on the specific card to manage their own time

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