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Hi Nick!
Thanks for your feedback! As I am not really an expert with how Critical paths work I would be happy if you could give me a little bit more input on what information you would need? Would it be something presented in each activity or a "general" report or directly in plan view somehow?
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I would like to view all my activity dependencies in a separate view. If you are working with 200-300 activities and have 80 dependencies its a lot to take in. viewing just the dependencies in a critical path report makes it a lot easier to comprehend.




I don't have a method for solving this today besides tediously reviewing the activities. Its only a challenge with larger projects.

Hi team,

I second this need - its a big one for our account and a blocker to on-boarding more folks across the institution.

It seems like it would be fairly easy to implement from where you are now, considering that you have dependencies at the activity and the card level. What would need to be implemented:

1) Allow the cards to demonstrate an order. What has to happen first? How is that visually represented? Right now I can see the cards HAVE a dependency, but it doesn't tell me to what from the board view. Also, if a card is delayed it doesn't seem to update information on anything else.

2) If a card's deadline is missed, auto-recalculate the dates on the following things that are dependent on it. I know you only have finish to start dependency programmed, but this is a great starting place.

3) Enable the calculations within the cards to roll up to activities. If a card is behind that lengthens the total time needed to complete the activity, reflect that on the GANTT chart and in the WBS. For example, right now I have to manually figure out how long each activity will take in an Excel WBS. It would be helpful if the roll up was "ok cards will take Dec. 9 to Jan 7th - let's update the activity level in WBS."

These functions would allow the users to see which things are butted right up against one another. Right now, we work around this by using a traditional WBS in Excel, which is very tedious.

Apologies for long essay :)

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