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Hi Ursula!
Thanks for sharing your feedback! Would you like to be able to select which folders/subfolders you want to include in the daily/weekly reports instead of showing everything that happens in the workspace? What actions are you interested in being notified about? It would be great to hear your thoughts on this.
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Hello Silvija,

our idea is that one can select folders or subfolders in the document section for daily notification. Ideally, this could be even a selection of a certain file in that folder.

Alerting of a new version of a document would be very helpful, in the case that many people are working on the same document and are waiting on someones input to continue their own review, for example.

Best regards,
Ursula Hoffmann

Thanks for your input! Well, when someone has saved back their document a suggestion is that they @ref that person they want to receive feedback from in the comments section. That person will receive email directly and know what they are expected to do. Is this something you use today?
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The @ref is one option, but it would be so much easier if one could just select a document and once someone has changed something to receive an automatic alert, e.g. like one can do in Sharepoint.
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