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Hi Rolv!
Thanks for sharing your feedback! I can understand your idea and it could be visually clearer what the activity end date is and improve that the card´s due isn´t later than the activity end date.

However the card´s due date might not stretch as far as an activity´s. An activity might have a longer time span whereas the person assigned to the card might need to complete the cards on a shorter time frame. So automatically setting due dates is something that might not work for everyone. However we have discussed that once you set a due date that you get a warning if you try to set a date that is later than the activity date. I will add this information as input to team who will be working with Boards improve that is planned for this year.
I am not sure how you set the cards due dates today but the easiest way is if you group by activities and then select the cards within that activity swimlane and set the due date to be the same as the activity end date, see attachment.
Best regards

Making cards default due date the same as the activity is something that we don´t have any plans for right now. We will be updating Boards this year and this will work as an input to that work.

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