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Exactly! I need this to. I know there is a field you can choose so that users withou a department will get notified when they are logging in to Projectplace. But I do not know if they can ignore it.

Hi Helge!
Thanks for your feedback! We do not have any plans as of now to set which fields are mandatory when creating a new workspace.

What other fields would you like to be able to make mandatory?

There is a work around regarding departments. If you go to "Account administration" you can add a setting "Ask users that have not set department to do so when logging in." Go to this link for futher description how to do this.
What you have to be aware is that even when they are logging in it is not mandatory. But as soon as they log in and still ignore to select a department then you as account administrator can add department belonging in Account administration, see attached file. Here you can read additional information:

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