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Hi Pontus!
Thanks for your feedback! Can you share a screenshot with what you mean when you say "center the screen over a the file you moved" and "After moving one document into a folder, the screen opens that folder and centers the screen over that file."? What kind of behaviour do you want?

I just want to inform you that in the beginning of next year we will be releasing a new updated Documents. I have still not myself tested out all new things in the new interface so right now I canĀ“t say if some of the things that you experience will be solved then. I will check with a colleague and ask him to see what he has to say about this feedback. I will be on vacation from Monday and three weeks onwards, but when I am back I will follow up on this.
Best regards

Hey Silvija,

I uploaded a short movie to Jing where I recorded the behaviour.
Im moving 4 documents up one folder. Even if its not many documents in the target folder, its anoying because of the delay and automatic scroll for position.
You cant drag and drop document between two folders without beeing interrupted by the automatic scrolling.

I would like to be able to drag and drop a document between folders without the automatic scrolling and without the automatic expand of that folder. Just like the explorer in Windows.
The reason for this is that it messes up the position of the screen making it really hard to work with more than one document at a time.

A easy solution would be to ad a "Go to document" on the details window that opens on the left. You got this for boards and activities so I would be a easy transition for those who likes the automatic scrolling.
Or you could make it option in a settings-tab.

Have a nice vacation! :)

Hi Pontus!
I followed this up with one of our designers and this what he wrote:
1. Having a sticky toolbar when you scroll - Fixed in new Doc.
2. Unable to drag-and-drop files to the folders above - Fixed in new Doc.
3. Unable to drag-and-drop more than one file - Fixed in new Doc.
4. The list view refresh is still being worked on on after drag-and-drop - Hopefully working till we go live with new Doc.
5. Moving the focus to the dropped item - This will stay in new Doc for a while as we do not have a better feedback mechanism to tell the user what got dropped where. But it will be less irritating this time as the user can select multiple items and do a single drop.

Once we go live it would be great to get you feedback on your thoughts for the updated Documents.

Best regards

DIMELO - social media platform editor