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Often not possible to define end date of an activity, the start date is shown and a duration.
One often cannot even click in the end date (it is greyed out).
How come a duration is stated since the end is not yet defined?
Duration of 7.8 is not defined by 7, or rather that 7 might define a max duration of 7.8 but is in most cases (a lot) shorter than 7.
But again, since we work with real dates, start and end date at each level of activity are needed.
Actually often the end date is more important since we have hard deadlines (i.e. if you miss the deadline there is no remedy)

Often dates of 7.x.x are messed up by 6.x even though no dependency is defined.
It even looks like they are linked by some kind of line (easy to see if you play around with colours of each activity), again no dependencies have been defined.




Hi Johan,

Thanks for your feedback. The dates in plan are inherited in two ways.

If you have an activity that has a start and end date set and you break it down into sub-activities, these will inherit the start and end dates. These are editable though.

Activities at a higher level inherit the data from the broken down activities. Therefore the start and end dates of activity 7 are decided by the first start date and last d date of the activities 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 etc. This means that start and end dates are only editable on the lowest level in the plan.

There could also be a lock set on an activity in the plan which prevents any edits on the activity.

Best regards,

DIMELO - SocialCRM software editor