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Hi Wenke!
Thanks for your feedback! Well, we will be investigating to see the best way of how you can access the workspaces that you visit the most.
Best regards

I think the list of workspace should be sorted by name.
And favourite boards are at the top of that list, sorted by name as well.

And remove the automatic sorting that sometimes moves a recent workspace to the top. That function is not very good.

If you got 15 workspaces sorted by name, you learn where the workspaces are and since you know know the alphabet, its pretty easy to find the workspace you want. I got one workspace that I know is in the 10th position. But sometimes its not because it has moved to the top pistion, and then its harder to find.

Its like moving around letters in a table of contents based of what the user looked up last. The letter G should be between F and H, not sometimes before A. :)

Thanks for listening!

DIMELO - social media platform editor