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Great thanks. I am currently evaluating whether to adopt Projectplace for my team, and recurring cards will be important to make it more efficient to use. By the way, I asked the support team about how to copy cards and they said it wasn't possible.

Hi Strahan!
Well I hope you can hold on until we develop recurring cards. However I cannot say exactly how this functionality will work.
Well, I am referring to the copy card functionality where you select a card on a board and duplicate it on the same board. Is this what you are referring to as well?
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Hi Silvija,

do you still have it on the radar to develop the "recurring tasks" functionality? We would also appreciate if it would be possible to select e.g. "weekly" / "biweekly" / "monthly" instead of choosing a due date (similar to the recurring meeting settings available MS Outlook).

Thanks for an update!


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