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Hi Jörg!
Thanks for sharing your idea with us! There are no plans right now of adding this feature again. If you want to hide workspaces from the list then if possible archive the workspace.

I am also curious to know if your need is to easier access workspaces that you work with from the list?

Best regards

Yes, that's right. I want to hide them, so I won't see them in the first view on my workspaces. In the former release, hidden projects were assigned to an area beneath the normal view on work spaces...

Best regards Joerg




I agree, I only need to work occasionally on some projects which I could hide in the old version. Please bring this back!

Being able to hide/show workspaces in the workspaces menu in the top navigation and in My overview is planned to be started on very soon. However can´t give update on when it should be released but late Q2/early Q3.

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