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Thanks for sharing your idea! How do you use the colour labels today? When you refer to multiple lines what do you mean? If you want to share a screen shot it would be great in order to see how you solve the states of activities today.

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Today we use the colour labels to distinguish between tasks, or which company is preforming a task.

In the attached screenshot, the blue segments are our consultants involvement in our project -- they are technically on the project at all times, but we are only able to breakout the times when they are heavily involved.

We find we would get great use out of a tool that allowed the bar to vary in shading (solid, transparent, light-dark, slash lines, etc) that would let us indicate the different involvement or indicated a change in their work.

ok, thanks for clarification. I observe that you don´t seem to be connecting cards from Boards, at least from the ones that are in the screen shot. Otherwise using cards is another dimension you could add to activities.

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