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Hi Per!
Thanks for sharing your idea! We are curious to what kind of organizational need you refer to in order to have the "Name and Description" fields renamed? It would be really helpful for us to understand.

Best regards

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Hi Silvija!

Thank you for your reply! Our organizational need is that the request form will only be used for project requests, not any technical questions, orders or any other support matters. Therefore, it is not optimal that the two mandatory columns is locked, because in our situation we would like these columns to be renamed to “Project name” and “Project description”. Since we cannot do that, we have to add additional columns with these categories, and that is not a good solution for us.

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Silvija Doncev
Silvija Doncev

Silvija Doncev


During Q1 in 2017 we plan to make improvement within Project request and this idea will work as an input to that idea.

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