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Silvija Doncev
Silvija Doncev

Silvija Doncev


Hi Gauri!
Thanks for sharing your idea with us! I would like to get some more input to your idea since I am a bit unsure to which tool it is that you are referring to? With Boards you can do following; Set the due date on cards and when you need to follow up you download the board. One column in the report then shows the status if it is in Done column or not. But setting DOT for each card is something you will have to do yourself manually by adding a new column in the report. Regarding error logs, on the cards you could select labels on each card. The labels show a colour and you also have the possibility to name the label in board settings like A, B, C, and D as in your report. Unfortunately I canĀ“s see any value in your "Calculation" tab.

Look forward to hear from you.

Best regards

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