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Hi Torhild!
Thanks for sharing your idea! I am not sure I understand your suggestion so please clarify it a bit more? If you are a project manager you are also an administrator and with that you have access rights to archive the project. Simply go to Administration in Project overview and from there you can archive the project.

Best regards

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I have a project manager role in one project that I need to archive. I have no option to archive it in the administration function in Project overview as you describes.
Here is a screen shot of the menu options in actual project.

I you sure that a project manager by default have the administrator role, if so it seems that this is missing in our installation.

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Hi Torhild!
For some reason I can´t see your screen shot. I spoke to a colleague at support and she suggested that you contact them instead so they can help you directly. :) Please send an email to

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