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Hi Susanne!
Thanks for sharing your idea with us! This would indeed be a nice to have but this is something that we have not yet been able to prioritize. For now I would recommend for you to set up a custom kpi.
Best regards

I agree with Susanne. It should be added. I would like to extend that even further. How about the below?

The project is proposed, but is pending approval by the PPM.

The project has been proposed but it was rejected by either the PPM or by the involved executives. A "Denied" project did not even start in the first place.

The project is officially introduced in the company, but it is not yet started.

The project has started, its' either in the initiating, the planning, the executing, the monitoring, or the closing phase.

The project is approved and active but didn't start yet due to delay.

The project has started, but work is temporarily stopped, probably pending a decision from management about the project. Usually, the management's decision will:

  • Release more funds to the project and move the project back the Active status AND/OR
  • Allocate more resources to the project and move the project back to the Active status OR
  • Leave the project on hold for an extended period (probably because of business alignment issues that may get resolved with time)
  • Cancel the project mainly because it is no longer beneficial for the company, and it's creating unnecessary work, and wasting unnecessary time and money.

The project is formally closed

After the project is completed, it moves to "Live". Typically the word live is associated with software projects that are put into production. At this stage the work is focused on maintaining the product or the service.

The project is canceled or killed.

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