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We have "defined" dependencies between cards using comments in the description as well as a naming convention for the card, but it's very easy to overlook these mechanisms. Would be nice to have a way to bundle a few cards together and have the bundle represented in a way where it's easy to see the relationship.

Hi Susanne!
Thanks for sharing your idea with us! This is something we hear about from time to time and our recommendations is that you create sub activities to which you connect your cards to. This way you can then use the feature to group by activities on the board and with this visualize cards that belong together. Hope this tip could be useful for both you Susanne and Rick! See attached file.

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Greetings Silvija, doesn't sound like your workaround is appropriate in the case when Plan Activities have been assigned? It would work if the User can assign to a Card multiple Plan Activities. Regards, Brandon

Hi Brandon!
Can you give me an example of how you work with cards and activities in your project? It would help me to get a better understanding to how you work. Any screenshot would also help. :)

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When working with many kinds of development there is a nomenclature used in many other systems where Features consists of User Stories, which consists of Tasks.

I fully agree with what has been requested above, but to further detail teh requirement it would be nive to have the possibility to have dependencies and types on cards.

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Henric Trolme




I would also like this functionality. We have people in different teams that need to wait for eachother to work on a card. With the suggested workarounds this is still prone to error (people simply don't read all details). I also thought of a workaround to assign a card on a hidden board or to put it in a hidden status column, but it cannot be done.

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