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Complementing my previous idea, it would be also positive that every comment or new colour in any field of this tab was personal, I mean, with name and photo. It is not possible to know who updates or changes anything

Hi Víctor!
Thanks for sharing your idea with us! Do you mean that you would like to be able to add comments in Status tab for each time when the status is being updated? As in conversation you only get notified if being @referenced so is this what you mean? Or you want a follow/subscribe feature? I understand you would also like to see a history view for each update right?

Sounds like you are a couple of people who are using the status tab and therefore you find this functionality important? What roles do you have that work in status tab? Sorry for all questions, but I really want to get the full picture here.

Right now this is not something that has been planned for our roadmap 2016.

Regarding your comment
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Hi Silvija! Thanks for your feedback,

The idea is to be aware if anyone updates something in the status fields. I see this functionality as another thing you could activate or deactivate in your personal area  notifications, as you mentioned, if it was a comment @referenced.

I will try to explain how we organize the projects in our company. We have:

• owner of the project (which typically is a Director of one Area of the company), who is responsible of about 5 projects (including them in a portfolio)

• Manager of the project (who works!), and has the responsibility to Update the info into the status tab every 15 days.

Every 15 days there is a meeting of what we call Directors Committee, when all projects are reviewed by checking the portfolio view, where all the colours and comments are shown. When there is any RED or YELLOW, more info and justification about these deviations is given by the owner (who is present at the Committee).

For our role as project officers, we would like to know whether a project manager has updated its info properly or not. And for this reason it would nice to activate a notification, rather than going project by project checking it. It would be also helpful for the owners, for being sure that their projects are properly updated just before the Committee starts.

Finally and complementing the idea, I commented that it would be great that every change in the status (colour or comment) was accompanied by who did it and when (in fact, when it’s right now available). As the project office we could check if it’s the manager of the project who do the changes, or any other person, which wouldn’t be the expected.

Do not hesitate to ask more things about how we organize ourselves ;)

Regards from Barcelona!

Hi Víctor! Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us. In Q3 we have planned to focus on personalising notifications so then this will work as an input to that work.
Best regards from Stockholm!

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