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Hi Margareta!
Thanks for sharing your idea with us! This is something that we hear a lot about. What you request for is a type of follow/subscribe feature which is something that we have started to look into. In Q3 we have planned an effort that will look into personalizing notifications and this will work as an input to this.
Best regards

Being able to allow other stakeholders, members to get notified when something happens to the card will work as an input to our personalized notifications work planned in Q3.

I forgot to mention but if you want to trigger a notification when for instance a card is changing to a specific status you can use Zapier. Here you can read more about this. Maybe this could inspire you to even more actions after you read this.

Implementing a Zapier Zap is limited to only when a Card changes Status which probably resolves this Users posted idea. However, it would be very useful when there is any content change to the Card for a notification, via "Projectplace My View" or email, to be sent to anyone who has indicated shared interest. In a competing cloud-based task management-communication software offering they have implemented a function similar to this called "Followers".

Hi Brandon!
Yes, you are right about zap regarding this. Followers is something we discuss as well but right now on our roadmap this is something that we have not yet been able to prioritize.

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On the roadmap for next year we plan to add a new feature called card contributor. It will be a way of showing which ones that are involved in the work of the card and make it easier for them to keep track of the work being done on the card.

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