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Hi Linda!
Thanks for sharing your idea with us! If progress of a card is what you are searching for I just want to inform you that we will soon release the possibility to a add check list on a card and then you will be able to see progress. Would this help you think?

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Yes. Its working good as a checklist. But I am more looking for a way to grade och value how far I have come in the process of finishing the card.
It would help me a lot if I could be able to change the numbers in the “points”. Like 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60…100.

Med vänlig hälsning,

Linda Forzelius
Vice VD


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For us using the check list is about putting all those small things you need to remember to do to complete your card in a checklist and we strive to keep it in that simple shape. I am curious in how you use the check list today? Are you more using them as sub tasks with several people involved for each check list item and that is why you want this grading?

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An example of a card may be. “Do developmental talks with the supervisors”. If the supervisors are 50 per persons I as a cardholder would like to know how far they have come. Like 20% or 70%. If I could change the scale it would be perfect!

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