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Can you use a color code to indicate "draft" dates? E.g. create standard activity as a placeholder for a sprint but with e.g. grey color to indicate that it not final dates?

Hey Anonymous,

thanks for the hint, but we can unfortunately not do that.

While it would be possible, it would also come with a huge effort. Since are adjusting the dates with each sprint start, I would have to adjust all of the other dates every time I adjust one of them.

A simple solution to this problem for us would be, that the parentactivities will get their dates from their child activities, as long as it is not edited. But you would have the possibility to edit it, so that it changes permanently and is no longe rinfluenced by the dates of the child activities.


Hi Tim!
Thanks for sharing your idea with us!

As of now there are no further discussions on changing the way we see parent activities. I.e that they are simply aggregations of the sub-activities.

A suggestion is to visualize the "hard" start and end dates as project steps. This would make them show up on the time line and you can set dependencies on the sprints to ensure that you visualise the connection between the activities and the project step that represents the hard end date.

Hope this helps!

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